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In the "The Art of Appreciation, The Greatest Unwrapped Gift" readers will explore various ways not just to appreciate others for what they do, but more importantly who they are. This book provides actionable strategies to build the most organic and sustainable relationships which inevitably becomes the greatest unwrapped gift. 

"The Art of Appreciation,

The greatest unwrapped gift"



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This book is not about giving someone a pat on the back or the warm and fuzziness associated with appreciation, but the true essence of humanizing individuals because we all have some magnitude of value. No matter how you slice the concept, relationships are very much a part of our everyday existence. Relationships is the heartbeat of everything we do.


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It’s time we find the keys to Unlocking our Better Days. This book will force you to fully commit yourself to the idea that no matter what happens in life, you will NEVER QUIT.





Leonard is relentless in his pursuit of personal excellence and you will feel it when reading this book.  This book is not a bunch of self-help jargon and rhetoric, but rather the outpouring of a passionate and authentic leader who refused to settle for anything less than becoming  the best version of who he was created to be."


Daniel Dugger: (Healthcare Executive)


Leonard is tenacious in his approach to enlighten the reader and UNLOCKING their BETTER DAYS.  He demonstrates the capacity to connect with each reader on a deeper level that will move them from their known comfort zone.  This is a MUST READ!  Join Leonard on his unfiltered journey as we harvest together fruits of knowledge."     

Terence Byrd: (Senior Corporate Executive)

About Me

Author Leonard Chatman Jr affectionately known as “Len”  is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.  Leonard is a mover and shaker among motivational speakers and is a staple among the hearts of many he encounters. As a speaker Leonard has the know-how to propel you to the top of your game and you will get a one-of-a kind experience. As an interactive and dynamic speaker, Leonard delivers powerful keynote speeches at conferences, schools, colleges and corporate companies.

He provides a true and interactive experience with off-stage interactions with all of his audiences.  Leonard delivers an experience like no one else.

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